Measurements by an independent accredited test institute demonstrate the outstanding temperature distribution in the Memmert heating oven UFP 500 in comparison with competitors.

The new DIN 12880 sets the standards for modern ovens and incubators

When comparing details of individual manufacturers concerning heating up and cooling down times, temperature homogeneity and temperature consistency, as well as the recovery times after the door has been opened, you should always take into account the underlying test standard. Thanks to the unique heating concept and the control technology developed and manufactured in-house, not only our oven and incubator product categories achieve outstanding results, but also all other products, even when the strict new test requirements in compliance with DIN 12880:2007-05 are applied. With the help of modern measurement technology in our test bay, we can put this to the test at any time for all temperatures.

Difference 1: More measurement points for the verification of temperature homogeneity

If you look at the graphic on the measurement setup for temperature homogeneity and temperature consistency, the different requirements for 9 measurement points so far, and 27 measurement points now, as stipulated for appliances with a working chamber over 50 litres, become clear.

With an arrangement of 27 measurement points, all appliances from Memmert show how exactly the temperature corresponds to the preset temperature setpoint at all measuring points in the working chamber.


Difference 2: Behaviour during stabilisation period and temperature control

The second important change to DIN 12880:2007-05 is also predestined to separate the wheat from the chaff. Until now, performance, and thus the rapid heating up and cooling down, was the most important criterion in ovens and incubators. That is without taking into consideration the time it takes until the temperature has settled down, so that it can really be controlled in a stable manner. According to the new standard, for specifying the heating up, cooling down and recovery times, the points in time apply from which the actual temperature in the middle of the oven or incubator remains permanently within the limit deviations defined in the standard.



Difference 3: Recovery time after door is opened

At the highest test temperature and when equilibrium has been reached, the door of the oven is opened for 30 seconds and then the time is measured until the actual temperature in the middle of the working chamber remains permanently within the limit deviation specified in the standard.

With the new standard 12880:2007-05, ovens and incubators with an excellent control precision and temperature stability were able to benefit. And this proves that the Memmert tradition of developing appliance specific heating and cooling technology is as relevant as it has always been. Measurements by an independent accredited test institute demonstrate the outstanding temperature distribution in the Memmert heating oven UFP 500 in comparison with competitors.

For more details on the requirements of the new standard, you may contact us chingyee.tan@fleischhacker.biz or justina.tay@fleischhacker.biz


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