interface for modalities

We developed MediConnect® because we recognised how time-consuming and inefficient the connection was between our clients’ devices and software. Nowadays, the installation of interfaces is as easy as the installation of a printer. With hundreds of modality interfaces for a wide spectrum of applications, MediConnect® has become a market leader for the connection of medical devices and laboratory equipment. Where possible, medical devices are connected through bidirectional interfaces.
MediConnect® allows the administration and display of medical examinations regardless of which manufacturer has created them. One single user interface administers all applications of a certain type. Since the database is normalized, one viewer can show results and tests from devices from various manufacturers – like in ECGs, for example.
MediConnect® supports the data exchange with modalities that use the DICOM standard and the connection of devices that provide raw data, and various remote monitoring solutions are integrated into devices, like pacemakers and ICDs, blood pressure monitors, event ECGs, etc.